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Dividends, Exponential Growth, and Automation

Hello fellow readers (if any of you are still left), it has been about half a year since I have posted and despite the lack content and blog growth I can assure you all my dividend income is still growing month over month. These last couple years it seems like my summers are more about getting projects and work done rather than enjoying the beautiful weather and summer vacations. Last year my summer time fixation was on contracting my first building move, this year’s project involved pouring 2600sq/ft. worth of concrete in my back yard, and building skateboard ramps (which is still in the works). I guess you could say I like to stay busy.

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February 2017 Dividends, and Dividend Hikes

For anyone else who likes to supplement their income with the help of dividends, I’m sure we can all agree collecting money you didn’t have to work for is very satisfying. What makes this passive income even more satisfying is knowing the longer you keep reinvesting your dividends the more it will grow. Not only with the income itself grow but the rate at which it grows will speed up as well. My investing strategy really hasn’t changed from 4 years ago, when I bought my first stock from a dividends growth company. And as I keep reinvesting my returns I am starting to see my little money snowball evolve into something that can put a significant dent to my monthly expenses.

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Using your Self-Directed brokerage to utilize the DRIP

Often referred to as a Synthetic DRIP , it is one of my favorite strategies for making my money work for me. One thing that separates the synthetic DRIP from the traditional DRIPs are most self directed/discount brokers I have dealt with can only provide a synthetic DRIP because they do not offer to buy fractional shares.

So what is a DRIP?

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Settling In, Dividend Income, Net Worth and Future out look

It’s been a good little break I had since I’ve been out of a computer for the last 5 months. And well now that I finally have one again, I thought it would be appropriate to give you all an update on my dividend income, net worth, as well as any thoughts on what’s to come ahead in my journey of building up dividend income so I can one day quit the rat race.

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July Dividends 2016

Hope all is well everyone, and you guys are having a good summer. I know for me I have been spending a good chunk of my free (doesn’t feel so feel these days) time with my girlfriend and enjoying the outdoors while sharing a hobby that we can both enjoy which is fishing. Like last month I haven’t really focused too much into putting cash into the market other than the dividends which I receive, which of course is still a good help during times when freed up capital is tight.

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June 2016 Dividends

So I’m about 2 months into moving into my own home, and almost 3 month since I have had enough extra money to put into my freedom fund, and it is really cool to see how passive my portfolio is. Despite market volatility, it feels comforting to know that the growth of my dividends will remain constant for as long as I keep reinvesting them. It does kind of bum me out that I may have lost a small opportunity to take advantage of bearish markets but no sense in kicking myself too hard, it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to and I think that’s because amidst not being able to purchase discounted blue chip stocks, I ended up buying a house with help from my parents, and now I am a home owner with no mortgage (just a debt to my parents which I hope to pay off ASAP). But really though I probably do not give it enough credit but with my strategy to utilize a DRIP I did get a small piece of the market action these past couple months so I can still celebrate that small victory as well. :P

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May 2016 Dividends

Greeting friends! Hope you are all doing great and maximizing those most fun out of summer. Here in Canada, especially in Alberta our summers are relatively short lived much like our spring and fall so you know I’m going to be doing everything I can to make the most of these 3 short months. This past weekend I made a trip out to some waterfalls in the Northwest Territories with my lovely girlfriend to celebrate our one year anniversary together. It was a great time and as well my first camping trip of 2016. I know when I reach financial independence camping will be something that will be done much more frequently and hopefully all over the world one day. Cool thing about camping is if you pack light but smart, you won’t break the bank, learn some survival skills, and you will make some amazing memories. But I am not quite at the level of FI yet so for now I’ll just have to keep dreaming about traveling and leaving the rat race for good.

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Much Over-Due Update and April 2016 Dividends

Hello friends! Hope everyone is having a good year so far, with the downturn of oil and economic restlessness I’m sure there are many of you who had trails and challenges to face and overcome. For those who do follow this blog more consistently I’m sure you noticed I haven’t be really updating my portfolio nor have I been keeping up with my dividends/assets as well as I normally do. Well to say the least it has been an extremely hectic past 2 months, both with equal amounts of ups and downs. To start with all the downs, I found out in beginning of April that my landlord sold the house I was renting. Normally I wouldn’t be too worried, just simply move somewhere else, right?

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March 2016 Dividends and Recent Buy

Hey everyone, hope you guys and girls had a great Easter Holiday. I know I did, my girlfriend Kaitlin introduced me to Easter egg painting and it was so much fun. Who knew spending less than 10 dollars at the variety store would result in so much fun, and tasty goodness. March was yet again another successful month of passive income, but really though, as a dividend investor isn’t every month successful when you know you have that steady stream of free capital coming your way?

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Quarterly Update and Asset Assessment

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! And what better way to start this day by writing up an Asset Assessment. Damn 2016 is hands done one of the biggest years of my life. The fruits of many years of solid labor, and dedication are starting to pay off. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many nights I’ve worked myself to the point my body’s joints start to ache. The amount of sacrifice I have made to get to where I am at, the amount of responsibility I have held on my shoulders these past 7 years, and it’s all starting to come together. I feel very much like a snowball midway through its pathway of becoming a massive snow boulder just startingto pick up some momentum, it is like my dividend income finally has some mass, but not as strong had it be like the Giant snowball at the bottom of a long steep hill. It’s very surprising how close I am to reaching F.I. almost as though I’m barely out of reach.

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