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Month: August 2014

August 2014 Dividends


I love dividends! Dividends are the only reason why I invest. Sure capital gains are nice, but truth be told if your only banking on that alone your strategy is 100% speculation. In other words you’re just gambling. Dividends however are quite the opposite. It’s Cold Hard Cash baby! And it’s not the type of cash you receive just for busting your back and sweating your sack off for its PASSIVE income! You could literally sit on your butt all day or travel all over the world and you would still be getting paid. What a beautiful thing dividends are.

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Historically Low Mortgage Rates and I still Refuse to Buy a Home

Now before you continue to read this post, this is warning that some of the things I talk about will be controversial. But remember all I am trying to do is provoke some thought for you readers out there that haven’t pull the trigger on buying a house. I am not by any means trying to scare you away from buying a house nor tell you it’s wrong I am just giving you my opinion on the topic.

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Recent Buy

Well these last couple weeks of work were pretty busy. A lot of calls and overtime makes for one tired investor. On the flip side, this gave me some extra cash to invest with. Today I increased my position with Enbridge. I purchased 92 shares of Enbridge for $53.55 CDN, leaving me with a total of 141 shares of Enbridge.  Enbridge now makes up 25% of my portfolio. It’s not that I planned on having Enbridge take up so much space in my RRSP  it’s mainly the fact that I won’t stop buying share of Enbridge until I can comfortably start dripping. This goes back to my approach of “set it and forget it.”

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Asset Assessment

Wealth is factored by multiple things. Portfolio size and income are meaningless if your liabilities surpass them. Here I will document my assets along with my liabilities to give a general value of my net worth. I believe the number 1 key to a high net worth individual is to constantly maintain a low debt. By posting my liabilities with my assets it’s not only a good way to show you readers part of my progress but it’s also a way to keep me account able to keep my debt low.

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A big shout out to Starting From Zero Blog for nominating me for the Liebster Award Nomination. Starting From Zero is another young gun investor who is on the right track for early retirement, be sure to check out his page you may even learn a thing or two. I recently made this blog to join the community of dividend growth investors and it feels great to be able to surround yourself with likeminded individuals who all share a common goal! Thank you all for your support so far.

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Recent Buy & Sell


First I would like to welcome Enbridge to my portfolio. Today I added 49 shared of Enbridge to my RRSP and even though it is not nearly enough to DRIP I will keep adding to them once I have more dispensable capital.

Enbridge has been a company I have wanted to buy for a while and it feels good to know I finally started a positon with them.

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The Importance of Setting Goals and Delayed Gratification

I would like to start my personal log off with a reminder as to why I am even in this situation in the first place. It all starts off with a goal. I believe setting your mind on something you truly want is the key to success no matter what your endeavors are. I know it sounds very obvious, but realistically do you know many people who constantly set goals and actively pursues them? I see many people on a day to day basis who just coast through life with no real desire or ambition. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that most of those people I see who have no goals or passions don’t have anything to look forward too. And by goals I am not referring to paying rent on time or getting the newest smart phone. By goals I am referring to something that actually has emotional merit, something you are so passionate about that you are willing sacrifice a part of your life just to bring you one step closer to achieving your dream. What I am referring to is delayed gratification.

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