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Month: October 2014

October 2014 Dividend

Now for the time I unveil the amount of dividend income I received for this month, and I must say that I am very pleased with the way it has turned out. As unpredictable as the market is, there is one thing that stays constant and it is the dividends that roll in. The path towards financial freedom cannot be paved without these dividends. They may seem small now but given enough time they will grow to the point they will cover all my expenses and free me the dreaded 9-5.

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A Message to all the Young Investors just Starting

So you want to start saving for the future?  That’s great! Give yourself a pat on the back, this is the initiative we all need to take in order for us to gain full control over our finances. There is no denying that this lifestyle will have you prolong your own gratification, but in a way that’s also what makes this is a very rewarding journey. Reaching that stage of gratification after delaying it for so long will bring you a feeling that no amounts of wealth could buy. Regardless of where the most successful investors and frugal savers are we need to remember they all had to start from somewhere just like me and you. That being said, here are some words of encouragement.

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Recent Buy

Well with the decline with Mr. Market in the past several weeks there have happened to be some good buying opportunities. Luckily for me, I honestly wasn’t aware of the drop in the market simply because my mind was to say the least preoccupied with other life events, so when I opened up my brokerage account for the first time in weeks I was pretty surprised. Oddly enough fear was the last thing I felt, my first thought was, “oh we got a sale going on in the markets”. Despite these life changes, I still kept paying myself first and saving the majority of my paychecks, not only that but some birthday money here and there never hurts either leaving me in a rather advantageous position. As Jason from Dividend Mantra once said to me, “Every time a door closes, a bigger and better one will open” and maybe this is the first step into a bigger door. Now on to the latest transaction.

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Asset Assessment

Long time no post! With the recent collapse in my relationship things in life have been very hectic these past couple of weeks. Unfortunately I haven’t had a whole lot of time to pay attention to this blog, my portfolio, nor Mr. Market. To say the least everything happens for a reason and on the plus side I now have some more time to focus on company valuations and keeping this blog updated.

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