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Month: November 2014

Recent Buy

Well I know I have been wanting to save my new found money until another dip in the market but I really do have a hard time allowing my cash to sit idle. I’ve come to realize that I do not have the patience to consider myself as a true value investor. As much as I would like to purchase companies at a discount price I simply cannot predict the market, you can study it all you want, try and find patterns but at the end of the day it does whatever it wants to do. However I do not mind waiting for dividends. That’s income and money I can PREDICT. Not only that, but because I reinvest my dividends, I know that the next month or quarter I will be getting paid a little bit more.

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Asset Assessment

Well here is another update on the value of the assets that I hold. This month in particular was pretty awesome because I finally had some extra funds transferred into my RRSP that I didn’t even know I had (as of recent at least). What happened was when I was working in Saskatchewan I was contributing to a second pension and I didn’t even realize this. Like I said before, when I was young I really didn’t have any financial literacy.

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