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Month: December 2014

December 2014 Dividends

Why do I love to invest in high quality dividend paying stocks? Simple! For the dividends duh! Now that the obvious is out and in the open I would like to remind everyone why dividends are so important (to me). I find it fascinating how compounding interest combined with fresh capital complement each other so well. For all the car buffs out there reading this, think of compounding interest alone as a 5.4 Liter V8 engine, pretty powerful eh? Now think of slapping a turbo charger on that bad boy. Oh man think of the potential power that could make. When it comes to increasing your dividend income adding fresh capital is much like turbo charging its growth rate. Okay so if you are not car savvy all I was trying to say with that analogy is that, if you are trying to increase your net worth or increase the amount of interest you generate adding fresh capital to supplement the compounding affect makes a huge difference.

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Asset Assessment

Now if you notice my portfolio mainly consists of Canadian equity. Although I would like to diversify it with more American Equity, I am choosing not to for now. Why? For the simple reason that our dollar (CDN) equals only $.86 USD. I will choose to wait until our Canadian dollar has more buying power to start positions with American companies. To me it doesn’t matter if I have a portfolio made completely out of Canadian blue chip stocks, realistically my main focus is too have my money working for me. The earlier the better. With that being said, the moment our Canadian dollar starts to have more buying power I will start to look beyond our borders to initiate positions with our neighbors down south.

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Recent Buy

Well what better way is there to give yourself an early Christmas present than to go and buy some high quality dividend growth stocks? For the time being my strategy is very simple. Buy, hold, and DRIP dividends from companies I believe will stand the test of time. Once I have built a solid foundation of solids companies to propel my portfolio with continuous and consistent growth, maybe then I will reevaluate my strategy. But until that happens I will keep playing it safe. With that being said, the company I purchased has been paying dividends for more than 180 consecutive years.

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November 2014 Dividend

Wow what a month! These past 4 weeks have been nothing but a blur. Again I would like to apologize for my lack of posts. This month in particular I managed to take some time off work (9 days) to recharge the batteries and spend some quality time with people who have made my first 3 year of being in the real world (from age 19-22) nothing but a positive and amazing experience.

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