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Month: March 2015

Recent Buy

While February proved to be a month where I caved into the temptations of instant gratification, March is proving itself to be a pretty good month. Especially when it came to reaping the benefits of aggressively channeling money into my RRSP. Prior to when I started pursuing a greater wealth, maxing out my registered accounts was never a priority. What a shame I wasted several years I could have used to compound my dividends, oh well better late than never I suppose. So needless to say I have accumulated quite a bit of excess contribution room into my RSSP. So much that I was able to contribute over $39k in 2014, and still have nearly another $30k more for this year alone. Due to having a contribution that high into my RRSP, I received a hefty tax return of approximately $16,500. With that being said the smartest move I could make was to put that back into my RRSP.  So with the extra influx of cash I was able start a position in a company I have been eyeing for the last year.

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Asset Assessment

For me net worth is only one of the few metrics I use to calculate my success, and progress. Not to mention I truly do believe that anyone who wants to excel in their own personal finances should track their net worth on a regular basis. It’s a great way to stay accountable for all your expenses and keeps you aware on where your hard earned money goes. I think it is safe to say during February, my expenses were higher than they have been compared to prior months. Continue reading

February 2015 Dividends

As a Dividend Growth Investor, I am confident to say counting all the payments we receive is one of the most satisfying feelings. I cannot stress enough that we as investors do not buy companies solely on the hopes of achieving capital gain. Yes capital gain nothing to complain about. But we purchase companies because we believe they can continue to grow, profit, and most importantly PAY their shareholders, consistently rising dividends.

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