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Month: April 2015

Asset Assessment

It’s pretty insane how fast it feels when time passes us by, I’m stilling tripping over the fact that we are already midway through April. Sometimes I feel as though a majority of us aren’t fully aware of how much of the year has “really” gone by. I say that with conviction because, it was only today I realized that after this month is over will we have almost gone through half the year.


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March 2015 Dividends

Another great month has just passed us by and with that came truly passive income from all the hard workers who continue to make the companies we own shares in the strong money machines they are today. Although this has been the month that yielded me the least amount of dividend income, it proves to be the month that really shows a giant leap in YOY dividend growth. This had made me realize that we shouldn’t measure our success with the final product rather we should measure and evaluate our successes based on the improvements we have made from our own past. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we need to set up our own bench mark of standards because comparing ourselves to one another really does us no good, and in fact hinder us from staying hungry and motivated.

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