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Month: May 2015

Asset Assessment

Keeping this post short and sweet, here is another update on the assets I have been building since starting this journey back in November 2013. With a little over $16,000 net worth it’s pretty awesome to see this number steadily climb its way up as time goes by.  I still to this day live by very simple financial rules, which is pay yourself first, make your money work for you, and keeping debt low. Realistically it doesn’t matter if you making 6 figures or not (it certainly helps but ultimately it isn’t the key factor in wealth accumulation) because at the end of the day consistency will be the biggest factor in your success.

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Recent Buy

So I like to consider myself as a pretty brutal boss, I tend to make all my employees work day and night every day, with no days off. So with that being said, I will be damned if any amount of capital I have is not doing any work and free loading their stay in my accounts. I am pretty sure I didn’t make any new purchases towards my freedom fund during the month of April, so I figure today was a good day to make some transactions happen. This solid dividend growth stock has been on my radar for quite some time now,  and I feel as though I am ready to take the plunge and add this company to my team.

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April 2015 Dividends

Another month crossed off the calendar as well another month that brings us closer to euphoric feels of summer. However for any dividend growth investors this is another month that has helped us benefit from the powers of compounding interest!

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