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Month: July 2015

July 2015 Asset Assessment/Recent Buy

Summer so far has been pretty amazing. This summer in particular I managed to spend more time around home and camping in the great north. This lifestyle of minimalism has really helped me enjoy this summer more. Not to mention keeping busy with working and all my outdoor activities sure has kept my mind off these poorly performing Markets, so it Is less likely to let my emotions get the better of me in these times of “discount prices”.

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June 2015 Dividends

I use to dread the idea of myself growing old. Currently now being in my early twenties I am realizing that whether I like it or not I will one day not be able to consider myself a young man. However, the fear that perpetuated inside my mind is now slowly going away over these last several years when I began to assume accountability for all my actions, good or bad. With the mechanisms of dividend growth investing and compounding interest, I no longer dread the future, rather I welcome it and am waiting patiently for it. This is had profound effect on my mind and spirituality, I no longer worry about the small things in life, such as “who is doing what and where? Does that person like me? You mean I have to miss on this cause of work? “. I guess having a dream and plan being put into motion really does prevent me from being envious of others, and trying to keep up with the social media Joneses. With every month that passes by it truly is an amazing feeling I am that much closer to my goals of financial freedom. Here are June 2015 dividends:

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