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Month: September 2015

August 2015 Dividends

One of my favorite things to do is count up and add my dividend income for the month. Some say dividend growth investing is boring but personally I think it is very exciting. Watching the dividends slowly, but surely grow and compound is pretty damn thrilling, considering every time my dividends get reinvested it just brings me that much closer to Financial Freedom. Sometimes if I want to get creative with the way I look at my dividends I think to myself, that’s free cellphone services for the rest of my life, or I’ll never have to pay for my car insurance, I could buy a new wardrobe every month, and the list goes on, overall I’d say it’s a pretty cool way to look at dividends.

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August 2015 Asset Assessement

I hope everyone has had a terrific summer. I know sure have, unfortunately due to all this fun and excitement I have had this past month, I not only have put my website to the side, I also put investing on to the side. However there is some degree of method to my madness.

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