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Month: February 2016

RRSP Awareness: Myths and Tips

As we get further into 2016, we hear more and more things like tax returns, T4s, and last but not least the RRSP. Many of us know that it is good practice to put money into an RRSP, but do many of us know why it is good practice to put money into an RRSP, let alone how one even works?  Today I would like to break down some common RRSP myths and give you some tips to help give you confidence next time you consider opening one for yourself.


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Cumulative Progress Report

For the last 3 years I’ve been living in an isolated part of northern Alberta working as hard as I can putting in well over my 40 hours a week working health care in 2 different Hospital and 1 Ambulatory care facility. I’ve Been in the north since I was 22 years old and coming here my biggest focus was get out of debt, other than that I really had no idea what I was going to do after that. Well it really didn’t take me as long as I thought it would to clear my debt but lo and behold your time is well compensated for working and living in isolated places if you have a skill.

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January 2016 Dividends

One of the best ways I like to start any month is by counting all the dividends earned that you didn’t have to work for. I can’t stress enough how great DGI is for my life. Throughout all this down economy, weak dollar, and bearish markets we have been experiencing in Canada I haven’t lost a minute of sleeping worrying about my investments.

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