Greeting friends! Hope you are all doing great and maximizing those most fun out of summer. Here in Canada, especially in Alberta our summers are relatively short lived much like our spring and fall so you know I’m going to be doing everything I can to make the most of these 3 short months. This past weekend I made a trip out to some waterfalls in the Northwest Territories with my lovely girlfriend to celebrate our one year anniversary together. It was a great time and as well my first camping trip of 2016. I know when I reach financial independence camping will be something that will be done much more frequently and hopefully all over the world one day. Cool thing about camping is if you pack light but smart, you won’t break the bank, learn some survival skills, and you will make some amazing memories. But I am not quite at the level of FI yet so for now I’ll just have to keep dreaming about traveling and leaving the rat race for good.

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