So I’m about 2 months into moving into my own home, and almost 3 month since I have had enough extra money to put into my freedom fund, and it is really cool to see how passive my portfolio is. Despite market volatility, it feels comforting to know that the growth of my dividends will remain constant for as long as I keep reinvesting them. It does kind of bum me out that I may have lost a small opportunity to take advantage of bearish markets but no sense in kicking myself too hard, it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to and I think that’s because amidst not being able to purchase discounted blue chip stocks, I ended up buying a house with help from my parents, and now I am a home owner with no mortgage (just a debt to my parents which I hope to pay off ASAP). But really though I probably do not give it enough credit but with my strategy to utilize a DRIP I did get a small piece of the market action these past couple months so I can still celebrate that small victory as well. :P

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