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Month: February 2017

Using your Self-Directed brokerage to utilize the DRIP

Often referred to as a Synthetic DRIP , it is one of my favorite strategies for making my money work for me. One thing that separates the synthetic DRIP from the traditional DRIPs are most self directed/discount brokers I have dealt with can only provide a synthetic DRIP because they do not offer to buy fractional shares.

So what is a DRIP?

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Settling In, Dividend Income, Net Worth and Future out look

It’s been a good little break I had since I’ve been out of a computer for the last 5 months. And well now that I finally have one again, I thought it would be appropriate to give you all an update on my dividend income, net worth, as well as any thoughts on what’s to come ahead in my journey of building up dividend income so I can one day quit the rat race.

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