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February 2017 Dividends, and Dividend Hikes

For anyone else who likes to supplement their income with the help of dividends, I’m sure we can all agree collecting money you didn’t have to work for is very satisfying. What makes this passive income even more satisfying is knowing the longer you keep reinvesting your dividends the more it will grow. Not only with the income itself grow but the rate at which it grows will speed up as well. My investing strategy really hasn’t changed from 4 years ago, when I bought my first stock from a dividends growth company. And as I keep reinvesting my returns I am starting to see my little money snowball evolve into something that can put a significant dent to my monthly expenses.

Here is a breakdown of the companies who have been supplementing my income with their lovely dividends.

 feb 2017 table

dividend graph



In terms of Dividend Hikes here is a list of the companies I own that have all got raises during 2016

Bell: increase of 5% in 02/16

Enbridge: Increase of 14% in 02/16

H&R REIT: Increase of 2% in 11/16

Inter pipeline: Increase of 3.8% in 11/16

General Electric: Increase of 4.3% in 12/16

Scotia Bank Increase of 2.8% in 03/16

Riocan: No change in dividend

BMO: Increase of 2.4% in 05/16

Royal Bank: Increase of 2.5% in 08/16

Canadian REIT: Increase of 1.7% in 05/16

Fortis: Increase of 6.7% in 09/16

Atco: Increase of 15% in 10/16

CN Rail: Increase of 20% in 01/16

Coca Cola: Increase of 6% in 02/16

Rogers:  No change in Dividend

Telus: Increase of 4.3% in 08/16

TD Bank: Increase of 7.8% in 02/16

Power Corp financial: Increase of 5.4% in 04/16

Canadian Utilities: Increase of 10.7% in 01/16

Trans Canada: Increase of 8.7% in 03/16

CIBC: Increase of 2.4% in 12/16



Here are some companies in my portfolio who already have had Dividend Hikes for 2017:

Bell: Increase of 5.1% in 02/17

Enbridge: Increase of 10% in 01/17

Scotia Bank: Increase of 3% in 03/17

Royal Bank: Increase of 5% in 02/17

CN Rail: increase of 10% in 01/17

Coca Cola: Increase of 5.7% in 02/17

TD Bank: Increase of 9.1% in 03/17

Canadian Utilities: increase of 10% in 01/17

Trans Canada: Increase of 10.6%  in 03/17

CIBC: increase of 2.4% in 02/17


Overall I am pleased with my portfolio’s performance, especially with the dividend hikes almost across the board with the acceptation of Rogers, and Riocan.  It is a bit disappointing to see those two companies unable to boost shareholder profits but I will continue to hold these companies and continue reinvesting the dividends. So, without even factoring the Reinvested Dividends, my annual dividend growth rate for my freedom fund increased an average of 5.8% for 2016. For this month of February 2017, I accumulated $642.32 in dividend income which brings me to YOY increase of 13%.


  1. Congratulations on your dividends and dividend hikes! Like you, I’ve been investing in DG stocks for about 4 years now and reinvesting all dividend income back. That makes the proverbial snowball grow faster and faster!

    Keep up the good work and happy investing!

    • Ace

      March 21, 2017 at 7:09 pm

      it may not seem like a whole lot of time, but given that time frame a heck of a lot of compounding does go down, and based on our dividend performance i think our portfolios are an active testimate of the power of compounded growth, along with dividend hikes and what not ;)

      Cheers thanks for stopping by


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