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February Dividends 2016 and Recent buy

I have been investing in Dividend Growth Stocks for over 2 years now and one thing that has not changed since I received my first distribution is the excitement I get whenever I count my dividends at the end of each month. When I count my dividends every month I am always pretty thrilled to see how my automated money machine performs.

After several years of aggressively investing into the markets, I am starting to see the snowball effect of constantly reinvesting my dividends. I still do have a ways to go before I can start living off my dividends but I do feel like I am making big leaps towards my goal as each month passes by. With my aggressive approach to dividend investing especially in my first couple years it has given me the option to ease back from putting large amounts of capital into the market. While I still try to live within my means, I can still purchase things which add value to my life yet not feel too guilty over it. It is not that I want to stop investing into Dividend Growth stock by any means but the option is always there. I think what I really like overall is just having the option to continue Investing or letting my portfolio do its own work. But in all honesty, I am not a fan of dedicating the majority of my life to a Monday to Friday shift work, so I will keep super-charging my freedom funds with fresh principle until the day I can live off my dividends.

Feb 2016 distribution

Feb 2016 distributionpie

feb yoy

 YOY Increase of 101%

Recent buy:


 ATCO Ltd. (ATCO) offers business solutions through companies engaged in Structures & Logistics, Utilities and Energy. ATCO operates through five segments: Structures & Logistics, Utilities, Energy, ATCO Australia and Corporate & Other. ATCO’s Structures & Logistics segment has five divisions, which include Modular Structures, Logistics and Facility O&M Services, Lodging & Support Services, Emissions Management and Sustainable Communities. Its Utilities’ segment activities are conducted through three regulated businesses in western and northern Canada: ATCO Gas, ATCO Electric and ATCO Pipelines. ATCO’s Energy segment activities are conducted through ATCO Power and ATCO Energy Solutions. Its ATCO Australia segment comprises two business operations: ATCO Gas Australia and ATCO Power Australia. The Corporate and Other segment includes the strategic growth investments in long-term contracted electricity transmission infrastructure in Alberta and geographical expansion into Mexico.


Yesterday I initiated a position with ATCO (ACO.X) by purchasing 150 shares at $36.95, spending a total of $5549.45. Their current yield is 3.10% with a great track record of increasing dividends, 23 years to be exact. The 5 year average dividend growth rate is 11.46% as well their payout ratio is at a conservative 44.58%. This purchase has added an additional $171.00 to my annual dividend income. Which brings me to a total of $8048.46 of yearly dividend income.


  1. Congrats on the dividend income, DD.

    Also nice purchase of Atco..its a great company and I have exposure via its sister company – CU instead.


    • Ace

      March 4, 2016 at 4:41 pm

      Thanks R2R,
      I as well own share of CU, glad to be a fellow shareholder with you :)

      Best regards

  2. Very nice month of dividend income and that 101% increase YOY is truly fantastic. It shows the power of regular investing and compounding. Thanks for sharing the new buy, as that’s a nice large purchase to boost the income even faster.

    • Ace

      March 4, 2016 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks Special Agent,
      To be honest I didn’t really see the power of compound growth until after i made the commitment for several years. But nevertheless those first couple years were definitely worth the wait.

      Have a good weekend :P

  3. Like you, and I’m sure everyone else, tallying up our divvys for the previous month is always exciting. Happy to see you are enjoying some Canadian bank fruits as well. For now I’m sticking with the big 3 TD, BNS and RY but have my eyes on CM, BMO and NA down the road. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ace

      March 5, 2016 at 12:59 am

      Solid picks of Banks DH, I just love all the banks and thought it would be cool to say i own all the big banks in Canada, but i do also truly believe in them all, and I’m sure over the long haul they will all do equally well. Thanks for Stopping by!


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