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Settling In, Dividend Income, Net Worth and Future out look

It’s been a good little break I had since I’ve been out of a computer for the last 5 months. And well now that I finally have one again, I thought it would be appropriate to give you all an update on my dividend income, net worth, as well as any thoughts on what’s to come ahead in my journey of building up dividend income so I can one day quit the rat race.

dividend graph



Total Dividends Collected by Year

2014:  $1680.47

2015:  $5245.65

2016: $7889.87


Cumulative sum of all the dividend I have received:





2014: ~ $20,000

2015: $106,622.04

2016: $158,921.30

2017: $280,452.60


To sum things up, these past 6 months have provided quite the trials and challenges, unfortunately due to these hindrances during that time frame much of the capital I was making was going towards this project I started back in April, when I decided to take a contracting job on top of my full-time job at the hospital. Unable to get a loan from any banks I had to fund this project by cash. So, I ended up liquidating about $20k from my portfolio to free up some cash to fund the transportation of my home into the town I work. during this time, I didn’t put any money earned from my full-time job into the market. On the flip side, I am now a mortgage free home owner, not to mention I have am already making passive income from this investment as well.



Future Outlook

During the year of 2016 I did manage to incur some debt. My debt is somewhere in the ball park of $45k, I am however making passive income from my home in the form of rent which is adding another $500 to my passive income fund. Having that rental income puts me at over a $1000 a month in passive income. Now that I have a home, and I will be debt free within the coming year, I hope to only be a few years away from being in a position where I no longer need to rely on my working income to live a comfortable life. To those who kept following from when I first started thank you for sticking around and being so patient, I will keep updating this site as my journey progress.


  1. Welcome back and we are glad to see you back.
    Congrats on paying off your house. I bet that feels great. That is awesome getting $1,000 a month from rental properties.
    Hope to read more from you, DM

    • Ace

      February 19, 2017 at 5:58 am

      Thanks for visiting Dividend Monkey, buying a home sure does makes me feel closer to goals of reaching FI.


  2. We have 2 homes registered in our names, but we don’t own either of them yet!

    For one, the rent we collect pays the current mortgage payment, with some cash to spare for maintenance and paying property taxes. No income, yet, but appreciation has been on our side.

    We live in the other house. It helps that we can get a tax benefit for mortgage interest payments. Meanwhile, the property value is appreciating and we’ll be able to use the equity in future.

    Congratulations on owning your house! It is a milestone not to have to worry about mortgage payments. (Though I wonder if you’re not missing the tax benefit?)

    Take care!

    • Ace

      February 20, 2017 at 1:06 am

      Congratulations on the current success to you as well, you guys will do very well.
      I don’t think i qualify for too many tax breaks with my home unless i can start a business for it, but the peace of mind of having my own place and security already has paid for it self.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Very impressive increases! Nice to see a fellow dividend growth investor killing it! Keep on it.


    • Ace

      February 22, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      Appreciate the support Brian, like wise as well, I saw that you had a good year in 2016 for dividends over on your blog as well so congrats :)
      I think its safe to say 2017 with be another solid year for us


  4. Mirin brah,

    Good job.

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